Announcing the Miami for Everyone Hackathon

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This weekend (June 17th–19th), Venture Miami is hosting Miami For Everyone: an inclusive tech festival and hackathon with $7,000 in total prizes for participants based in Miami building projects with social impact.

Miami For Everyone’s goal is to introduce everybody (whether you are experienced or completely new to technology) to the tech that’s making Miami a better place — specifically its economy, health, and environment.

CityCoins is proud to sponsor the event in partnership with the Stacks Foundation.

You can participate in three ways:

  1. Join the hackathon by building and submitting a prototype to solve a local problem. This is great for developers, storytellers, and skilled workers who want to flex their problem-solving muscles.
  1. Join the Clarity workshop on Friday 17th at 3-4pm ET for a crash course on building on CityCoins and opportunities in the Stacks ecosystem.
  1. Join the Maker space! It’s a collaborative-creative space where you can learn and compete with others. NFTs and the Metaverse will be involved.

The judges will select three winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) based on a project’s impact, creativity, and ease-of-use:

  • Impact refers to how applicable the project is to real world situations and what its effect on citizens will be.
  • Creativity looks at how unique, innovative, or original a project is. Has it been done before?
  • Ease-of-use looks both at how well the project is designed along with how quickly someone can pick it up and use it.

CityCoiners have suggested several ideas for high-impact projects for hackathon could build to help grow the economy:

  • Collateralized loans to attract new businesses and founders, stimulating the growth of new industries.
  • Crowdfunding for local services such as maintenance needs (imagine payments that are made in city-based tokens that will be locked in an app until the job is done, then distributed to the service provider).
  • Hodl Score: Create an on-chain Hodl Score that measures inputs such as: total historical earnings, total earnings held, date of first earnings, date of most recent earnings.
  • Automated ‘no-loss’ lotteries to help pay for student’s tuition (everyone gets their money back, while the winner keeps the interest).
  • DAO Payroll: A way to manage a payroll for the CityCoins DAO.
  • Local Artist NFT store -  We’ve already “minted” $200,000 worth of art using CityCoins to date. This platform could empower local artists to build direct fan-bases and earn new sources of income.
  • Daily NFT Auction: Proceeds going to improving public spaces in Miami.

You can register for the hackathon by clicking here, and for CityCoins’ Clarity workshop here.

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