Announcing the ‘MiamiCoin Makers Month’ Virtual Hackathon

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We’re excited to announce MiamiCoin Makers Month, a month-long virtual hackathon that brings together hackers, designers, and creators who are passionate about creating apps for Miami via the MiamiCoin protocol. The goal is for you to think about what both the MiamiCoin users and/or the broader Miami community needs the most right now — and build a usable app that addresses this need within a month!

This event will run from Aug 16 until Sep 12, 2021, and participants will be tasked with building a working application that contributes to the core foundations of the MiamiCoin ecosystem/user experience. Participants are encouraged to think outside the box when building apps and key infrastructure using MiamiCoin, which includes examples like trustless mining DAOs and DEXs, personalizable MiamiCoin wallets, visualization dashboards, proof of hodl access control and more. 

For those of you who are ready to build MiamiCoin-powered applications for the broader Miami community, you can find some ideas and inspiration here.

There will be a total of $25k in prizes for the top three submissions, paid out in Bitcoin. The winners will be selected and announced by Bored Elon Musk, Ryan Hoover, and Patrick Stanley. Additionally, the winning teams and their hackathon entries will be featured on CityCoins’ blog page. 

The possibilities enabled by MiamiCoin are endless and are meant to empower all types of creators – from those who already have a clear vision of how to redefine civic engagement to those of you who simply want to experiment with a fun idea. We’re excited to see where the community takes MiamiCoin and can’t wait to see what applications you build for the Magic City!

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