Announcing the Winners of MiamiCoin Makers Month

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CityCoins’ first community hackathon, MiamiCoin Makers Month, kicked off just after the launch of MiamiCoin mining, and it’s been impressive to see what the community can build in such a short time!

The competition was a close call, but judges Bored Elon Musk, Ryan Hoover, and Patrick Stanley have reached a decision. Please join them in congratulating the winners of this year’s MiamiCoin Makers Month – and $25,000 in BTC.

1st Place ($20,000): Miami Voice

Created by Drew Falkman

Miami Voice is a MiamiCoin app that allows you to propose ideas and vote on how Miami should spend their funds raised through MIA mining. More specifically, Miami Voice users can review and vote on existing proposals on how Miami’s municipal government should spend their MiamiCoin protocol contributions or create and share their own proposals.

Miami Voice users must hold a minimum balance of MIA tokens in their Stacks wallet order to use the app. Drew’s app creates yet another incentive for people to hold MIA and aligns perfectly with CityCoins’ goal of establishing positive feedback loops between city officials and residents.

2nd Place ($4,000): Denizen Coworking

Created by Timothy Carambat

Denizen Coworking is a Web3-enabled “Proof of HODL” access control platform that gives CityCoins users access to nearby coworking spaces using their CityCoins/Stacks wallet. Participating coworking spaces will be able to select whether to grant access to all CityCoins holders, users with a minimum balance of CityCoins tokens, or follow more traditional pay-per-use model using crypto.

Denizen is a great demonstration of how CityCoins like MiamiCoin can be used to establish “Proof of HODL” access to physical spaces and drive in-person innovation, and we’re excited to see where Timothy takes this!

3rd Place ($1,000): MiamiPool

Created by Asteria

MiamiPool is a fully automated and trustless system that allows anyone to mine MIA in a collaborative, mutually beneficial way. MiamiCoin holders can take advantage of MiamiPool’s smart contracts to automatically mine, claim, and receive their MIA mining during each round of mining.

Users can see the number of miners and amount of STX tokens committed to mining new MIA in each block, as well as that block’s current status. Additionally, the more people participate in MiamiPool’s mining protocol the higher the chances each participant will successfully mine new MIA tokens. In other words, this decentralized system helps decrease the risks involved in mining MiamiCoin while greatly enhancing participants’ user experience.

MiamiCoin is Just Getting Started

There will be plenty more hackathons and CityCoins events coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned – but don’t just sit around!  You don’t need to wait for the next event to start building with CityCoins, and you and your civic-minded developer friends can visit the CityCoins GitHub to get started.

It’s been thrilling to see CityCoins come to life through the strength of this community, and after MiamiCoin Makers Month it’s clear that this project is just getting started.

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