Builder Showcase: Projects being built by the CityCoins Community

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CityCoins connect communities. In web3, a well-functioning community is more than valuable—it’s crucial. If you attended the recent CityCoins Builder Showcase, you know what we’re building matters because it has a real community attached to it.

Over 100 builders attended the first CityCoins Builder Showcase to preview some of the web3 projects currently being developed.

“We’re here to empower communities to improve and program their cities. CityCoins do this by creating the technical foundation for citizens to engage with their cities.”


Hosted by Andre Serrano (CityCoins Community Lead) and Jason Schrader (CityCoins Core Developer), the following builders shared their projects:

Highlights from each project are below.


Fernando Narbona presented BlockMo, an app empowering people to earn CityCoins while participating in community events and activities, providing them with real-life experiences paired with financial growth.

BlockMo hopes to close the loop between business growth needs, customer financial incentives, and the entry barrier to crypto investing
"BlockMo empowers users to get more involved in their community and involved in crypto without investing a single dollar."

— Fernando Narbona
BlockMo plans to first launch their beta to a limited number of users in Miami

Blockmo aims to launch their beta by mid-March. Learn more here →

Stacks Degens

Bowtied Fellow presented Stacks Degens, the first play-to-earn racing game in the Stacks/CityCoins ecosystem. You can play with your Miami Degen or New York Degen and compete in a range of tournaments.

The Stacks Degens team presented their roadmap
"If you're going to build Web3, the best place is to build it on the most secure Blockchain. So it made sense to build it on Stacks."

Bowtied Fellow

Degens players can earn by racing or by stacking. "We want players to earn through playing, but also take their winnings, stack it, and earn yield that way when they're not competing."

"GameFi on Stacks. Secured on Bitcoin." Follow the project here →


Lonis Hamaili shared Dework, a Web3-native Trello-style product manager with token payments, credentialing, bounties and more.

Dework impressed CityCoiners with a live demo of Dework's features

Users can attach bounties to tasks, then choose which tokens to pay with. Teammates can claim tasks or invite community devs to take them on. By finishing work, people earn tokens.

How can the community better organize itself? Dework →  


Roger Bernadino showed us 1Huddle, a gamified approach to educating communities on CityCoins by enabling them to earn crypto rewards while they learn.

1Huddle helps leaders turn anything their teams need to know into deceptively simple, highly effective mobile games

1Huddle uses games, trivia, contests, rewards, and other incentives to introduce new users to Web3. A big hurdle to crypto is a lack of education. 1Huddle seeks to address that through fun.

"Crypto is a fantastic way to educate people on financial literacy and the future of web3, plus give them an incentive to educate themselves."

Roger Bernadino
"1Huddle helps anyone and everyone learn about crypto, become more knowledgable about what CityCoins are, and understand how to get involved."

Roger Bernadino

Follow the project here →

Join the next builder’s call

“CityCoins give communities the power to improve their cities while providing rewards to individual contributors and city governments alike.”
Jason Schrader, CityCoins Core Developer

You can access recordings of all our community calls in the CityCoins Discord.

Anyone can attend the next CityCoins Builders Showcase on February 17. If you have a project you’d like to present, submit it here.

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