CityCoins Builder Showcase: April 14, 2022

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During last week’s CityCoins Builder Showcase:

Hosted by CityCoins Community Lead Andre Serrano, highlights are below.


How do you coordinate and automate actions in a decentralized system?

Orlando.btc and Ryan.btc shared updates on StackerDAO, a suite of tools for spinning up your own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

“We’re the first DAO infrastructure project on the Stacks blockchain.”

Orlando.btc explains the origins of StackerDAO

Using StackerDAO, an individual can create and manage a DAO for their community.

StackerDAO is building an OS for DAOs built on the Stacks protocol
“We want it to be simple so anyone, even those without much knowledge of DAOs, can come in and start one.”

Orlando.btc on how StackerDAO makes it easy to create a DAO

CityCoins builds atop Stacks and the Bitcoin ecosystem. As the community discusses the possibility of DAOs in CityCoins 2.0, StackerDAO sees “the potential of a CityCoins DAO template.”

“We want to make this an off-the-shelf template. To do so, we have to limit optionality. Otherwise, it gets too complicated for people… and we want it to be simple so anyone, even those without much knowledge of DAOs, can come in and start one.”

Orlando.btc on how StackerDAO will introduce DAOs to the crypto curious

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The CityCoiner

How can crypto enable community-run media?

JakeBlockchain.btc and AltMom shared an update on The CityCoiner, a community-run media outlet that covers all things CityCoins.

“We’re a decentralized, community-run media organization that exclusively covers CityCoins.”

JakeBlockchain.btc explains what The CityCoiner is

The CityCoiner was founded roughly the same time as the first CityCoins. Since then, the team has worked to answer key questions tied to CityCoins.

“What prompted this is… I kept having more questions than answers. We’re trying to be an entity that brings people asking questions together, then turns their answers into resources.”

JakeBlockchain.btc explains where The CityCoiner came from and where they hope to go

The CityCoiner team is addressing some of the biggest media challenges of the space (“media misconceptions”) while trying to effectively decentralize the project.

“We want to be community first and decentralized, but we’re only beginning to learn what that means. Having people coordinate in that structure in a beneficial fashion is next.”

JakeBlockchain.btc explains the goal and challenge of decentralizing The CityCoiner

Ultimately, The CityCoiner is focused on producing regular and relevant CityCoins coverage. But the team has ambitions for expanding their coverage too.

“We’re streamlining how The CityCoiner will work. We’re putting out a Twitter Space and newsletter every week. We’re putting out two pieces of content every week… Right now, it’s tighter-knit coverage. As we grow, that’ll branch out. It’ll get huge. But we have to build this from the ground up.”

AltMom on The CityCoiner’s long-term content strategy

For community-led coverage of all things CityCoins, follow The CityCoiner on Twitter →


How should a community organize itself?

Lonis Hamaili provided an update on Dework, a Trello-style product manager with token payments, credentialing, and bounties.

“We see two uses for Dework: bounties, and cost tracking.”

Lonis Hamaili on Dework’s core features
Dework makes it easy to work across multiple projects/DAOs and bounties

Using Dework, you can attach bounties to tasks. Then you can choose which tokens to use for payment, or what sort of timeline the task requires. There’s also a decentralized record of a user’s work contributions.

“We have something that integrates deeply with Discord while still letting people build their work profiles.”

Lonis Hamaili on how Dework tracks user contributions

Set up your web3 project using Dework →

Attend the next builders showcase

The next CityCoins Builders Showcase is Thursday, April 28th. Visit the CityCoins events calendar to add the next Builders Showcase to your calendar, or subscribe to keep track of all upcoming CityCoins events.

If you have a project you’d like to present, submit it here.

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