CityCoins Builder Showcase: April 28, 2022

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During the last CityCoins Builder Showcase:

  • Andrew Elliot shared RoundlyX, a way to acquire CityCoins and other digital assets, like Bitcoin, with your spare change
  • Adam Jones shared Zeer, a next-gen 911 prevention and response system

Hosted by CityCoins Community Lead Andre Serrano, highlights are below.


How do you combine passive investing with crypto?

Andrew Elliot, co-founder of RoundlyX, showcased how their product makes steady investments in digital assets as simple as rounding up to the nearest dollar.

“It takes 5 minutes to get started. If you have a bank account with Plaid, you can have a Roundly account right now.”

— Andrew Elliot on the simplicity of RoundlyX‘s first-time user experience

RoundlyX aggregates the overlap between crypto communities and exchanges. Turning on passive investment for any asset is a one-click task. “You have one dashboard,” explains Elliot, “and you see everything.”

RoundlyX's earn dashboard
“We’re infrastructure for communities and exchanges.”

— Andrew Elliot shared RoundlyX

CityCoins are already supported by RoundlyX, but the team is interested in additional ways to leverage the tokens.

“We’re bullish on CityCoins and we put our money where our mouth is. As CityCoins get listed on more exchanges, we support those exchanges as well.”

— Andrew Elliot shared RoundlyX

Want to start rounding up on your crypto assets? Get started with RoundlyX →


How does a next-generation 911 system serve its citizens?

Adam Jones, founder and CEO of Zeer, explained how the project leverages emerging technology, like AI and crypto, to help keep citizens safe.

“What technology is perfect for a chain of evidence? Blockchain technology.”

— Adam Jones explaining Zeer’s technical architecture

While Zeer has long-term plans to integrate with city police and campus security, the go-to-market strategy is education.

“We’re creating a gamification strategy to encourage people to learn how to be safe and protect each other… we’re even working with a choose-your-own adventure author for this idea.”

— Adam Jones explains why Zeer is built on blockchain

Positive actions in Zeer, from educational tasks to recording a crime, can be rewarded with CityCoins. Jones and team are relying on the value of these tokens to incentivize engagement.

“We’re trying to leverage the value from CityCoins to help educate people. Right now, we’re focused on incentivizing people to keep one another safe.”

— Adam Jones on how Zeer motivates it’s users to help one another

To learn more, follow Zeer on Twitter or visit their website →

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