CityCoins Builder Showcase: March 3, 2022

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On March 3rd, during the latest CityCoins Builder Showcase:

Hosted by CityCoins Community Lead Andre Serrano, highlights are below.

CityCoins API & “Proof-of-HODL”

CityCoins Core Developer Jason Schrader demonstrated how the CityCoins API makes it easy to develop use cases like “proof-of-HODL.” Jason even turned on his webcam to demonstrate how QR codes could verify a user’s wallet for access to a space.

“Everything is super simple... you'll notice we have less than 100 lines of code here, if you ignore my fancy comments.”

Jason Schrader, CityCoins Core Developer

To get started building on CityCoins API, Jason recommends you start here →

CityCoins NFTs

Jamil Dhanani presented updates on CityCoins NFTs on an NFT marketplace on Stacks, secured by Bitcoin. The project was founded following NFT donations to Miami’s MiamiCoin treasury.

“I noticed the MiamiCoin wallet owned NFTs. People were sending them, but there was no way to see them… we’ve been pushing the intersection of CityCoins and NFTs ever since.”

Jamil Dhanani, on why he initially drove CityCoins NFTs
STXNFT is the largest open NFT marketplace on Stacks

The first NFTs minted by MiamiCoin (MIA) were released in September, 2021. Now anyone can create NFTs using their CityCoins.

“It’s not about the platform—it’s about supporting the artists and local communities to make it happen.”

Jamil Dhanani, STXNFT

CityCoins NFTs are already being used for all sorts of non-fungible use cases. To purchase or mint an NFT with CityCoins, go to →


Diego Mey shared the latest on CityPacks: NFTs that fund and empower public school students. CityPacks mission is to sustainably educate and empower today’s public school students using crypto. Each CityPacks NFT donates 75% of primary sales plus 4% lifetime royalties to Foundation for New Education Initiatives.

CityPacks 001 is an NFT Collection of 3D illustrated backpacks
“CityPacks were borne as an NFT collection to help support schools and blockchain education in government.”

Diego Mey, CityPacks

CityPacks are Diego’s answer to how DeFi can help public institutions like schools in perpetuity. Utilizing an “open-source educational platform,” CityPacks sales fund the development of a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Program (K-12), The Cultural Passport Program, Mini Grants and more. Distributing yield and interest further compound the possibilities for perpetual support.

“This will be our first full-blown funding campaign to support public school students.”

Diego Mey, CityPacks
Token economics guarantee funds flow back to the cause CityCoins is designed to support

CityPacks 001 are a collection of generative 3D illustrated backpacks minting March to support Miami-Dade County Public Schools. By the end of 2022, CityPacks aims to launch a “Learn to Earn” education program and yield-generating DeFi fundraising platform.

Join the CityPacks Discord to learn more →

We want you at the next builders showcase

Anyone can attend the next CityCoins Builders Showcase on Thursday, March 17th. You can register for the event in the CityCoins Discord.

If you have a project you’d like to present, submit it here.

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