CityCoins in July, 2022

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CityCoins community highlights in July, 2022:

  • The release of Balaji Srinivasan’s book The Network State
  • Community leads hosted a conversation about Network States with Visualize Value founder Jack Butcher
  • Deep exploration and proposed solution to CityCoins protocol scalability
  • Profiles of three more CityCoins Accelerator teams

The Network State by Balaji Srinivasan

Last month, investor, entrepreneur and friend of CityCoins Balaji Srinivasan published his eagerly-awaited book The Network State.

The book synthesizes many of Balaji’s ideas relevant to our project and community, including an entire chapter on the concept of ‘One Commandment’, which we explored further both on Twitter, in our newsletter and a special community discussion on Twitter Spaces (see below).

In summary: ‘One Commandment’ is a startup society’s focused moral thesis (or ‘moral innovation’) on how to improve the status quo. Its evangelists are moral entrepreneurs who sell a solution to a single societal issue. 'One Commandments' are justified with a historical analysis that let them organize like-minded people online. After this? Balaji suggests:

"Organize a community online that crowdfunds properties around the world, like apartment buildings and gyms, and perhaps eventually even cul de sacs and small towns."

A group could then observe and enforce that One Commandment within their properties.

Community Lead Patrick Stanley shared his thoughts on the role that cities should play in a world transitioning to Network States in one of last month's community town hall calls, you can read a summary of his thoughts in this Twitter thread.

How to found a society on a thesis: Discussion with Jack Butcher

Last week, 100 CityCoiners joined community Leads Patrick Stanley and Andre Serrano, and Visualize Value founder Jack Butcher for a Twitter Spaces chat on the concept of ‘One Commandment’ from The Network State.

Listen to the replay on YouTube →

Stabilizing the CityCoins protocol

The #path-forward working group was formed, and met several times to discuss how our community can best address head-on CityCoins’ biggest challenges: Protocol sustainability and project scalability.

The group honed in on directional steps to stabilize the protocol to create space for further iteration of the CityCoins model. In summary:

The community’s #1 priority is to stabilize the protocol technically, while maintaining focus on our original mission and CityCoins-as-a-platform approach

  • Community member Logan723 drafted a deeply thoughtful proposal outlining rationale for this approach, which you can read here.
  • CityCoins Core Developer whoabuddy.btc is drafting a CCIP outlining how we can achieve stabilization via the following changes to the protocol:
  • 1. Pegging inflation to 2%
  • 2. Adjusting the distribution of mining rewards
  • 3. Auto-stacking City Treasuries and distributing BTC yield to all CityCoin token holders

Click here to watch a full recording of the #path-forward discussion on these points.

If you’re interested to contribute or join the ongoing discussion on this topic? Head over to the #path-forward channel in the CityCoins Discord.

Highlighting Three more CityCoins Accelerator teams

Last but not least, we covered three more accelerator projects on Twitter. Make sure to check out our detailed threads on Zeer, Efani, and GenoBank to learn how startups are accepting and using CityCoins:

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