Create and buy NFTs with MiamiCoin

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CityCoins empower communities to create the things they believe in. This can be as straightforward as allocating a CityCoins' funds to house the homeless, or as technically complex as adding new features to your favorite city's CityCoins—like NFT functionality.

CityCoiner @JamilBTC has done the latter. Thanks to Jamil, your MiamiCoins (MIA) now have a mint-with-MIA function. This means that NFTs can now be created and sold using MIA!

CityCoins and NFTs are more accessible than ever

Jamil’s Mint-with-MIA project adds a new dimension to MIA’s utility by providing an easy CityCoins entry point for Miami’s community of creatives and collectors. CityCoiners have already begun minting and selling NFTs, and you can browse all the new MIA NFTs coming online live at True to the community mindset, many of the first artists to launch their own exclusive MIA NFT collections are Miami citizens or supporting great causes.

If you’re interested in the exciting possibilities unlocked by Jamil's contribution, you can mint your NFT using MIA by submitting your artwork here.

NFTs created using CityCoins like MIA are based on Stacks’ SIP-009 token protocol. Like Ethereum-based NFTs, they can be programmed with a wide range of intrinsic qualities and dynamic features. One such example is Boomboxes: a new type of NFT built on Stacks that acts as an automatic claim certificate for the holder’s Stacking rewards. These dynamic NFTs usually require a basic understanding of the Clarity smart contract language, but with Jamil’s Mint-with-MIA project, almost anyone can create and buy MIA NFTs without any programming experience.

NFTs unlock new possibilities for CityCoins

As the MiamiCoin ecosystem continues to grow, MIA will be used to empower all types of creators within the artistic community and beyond. The CityCoins community is already using MIA to generate new forms of creative expression, and as MiamiCoin evolves, we may even begin to see MIA NFTs used as digital heirlooms, fractionalized real estate shares, or access passes to venues or events.

Mint-with-MIA is the kind of community-driven functionality CityCoins was designed for. Jamil has kickstarted a movement within the MiamiCoin community, and his contribution unlocks countless non-fungible possibilities for all future CityCoins. It’ll be exciting to see where Jamil takes his project from here, and what other inspired developers come up with in the coming months!

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