How to stack CityCoins

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Anyone can "stack" CityCoins to earn rewards. Similar to staking, "stacking" is when you lock tokens (like STX, MIA or NYC) to provide a service to the network.

Stacking rewards are distributed in the token that powers the protocol: stack STX to earn BTC, stack a CityCoin to earn STX. (Here's more on why CityCoins builds on Stacks and Bitcoin)

What you need to know

  • When you stack CityCoins, you receive a portion of the Stacks (STX) transferred by miners as part of the mining process. The STX rewards you receive will be proportionate to the total stacked in that cycle.
  • Once you elect to stack your CityCoins, you must wait until the end of the reward cycle before you are able to claim your STX rewards. Reward cycles are approximately 2 weeks long. Your stacked CityCoins can be reclaimed once the selected stacking cycle(s) are complete.
  • You can stack tokens for up to 32 cycles at a time. There is a 1-cycle cooldown period after your selected number of reward cycles end.

A quick start guide

STEP 1: Download your Stacks Web Wallet

STEP 2:  Use your Stacks Web Wallet to stack your CityCoins

STEP 3:  See the latest block number via a Stacks blocks explorer

A visual, step-by-step guide

Below is a visual guide to stacking your CityCoins.

1) Set up your Stacks Web Wallet

Download the Hiro Web Wallet extension to your browser and create a Stacks wallet (or log in with your existing secret key). Your web wallet holds your CityCoins and allows you to interface with the network via a dashboard at

Hiro Wallet is a Stacks Web Wallet developed by Hiro (
2) Open the dashboard

Once your Stacks web wallet is set up, go to and select your preferred CityCoins city.


Alternatively, you can use other community-built mining and stacking portals, like (for Miami’s MIA).

3) Select number of tokens

Input how many CityCoins you would like to stack for the current cycle:

Selecting how many CityCoins to stack
4) Select number of reward cycles

Determine how many reward cycles you will want to stack, then select “Stack”. (IMPORTANT: Reward cycles are approximately 2 weeks long, and you will not be able to receive your STX or CityCoins rewards until the cycle has been completed.)

Selecting how many cycles to stack for
5) Confirm transaction

Once prompted, confirm the transaction to the Stacks blockchain. (IMPORTANT: Transactions can take up to 10 minutes to confirm)

Confirming the stacking transaction

A 3-minute video guide

Below is a 3-minute video walkthrough to stacking MiamiCoin using the community-built portal

Congrats, you've stacked your CityCoins!

Once confirmed, your CityCoins begin stacking.

For additional help, review the CityCoins documentation and follow @mineCityCoins on Twitter.

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