Introducing MiamiCoin Web3 Developer Camp

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Learn Clarity while building Miami’s future

CityCoins is an open-source, community-led project. Anyone can see the code and start building civic applications to improve their city. That building does, however, require some technical skills—mainly some knowledge of Clarity, the programming language that powers CityCoins.

To that end, as a joint venture between CityCoins, the Stacks Foundation, Venture Miami, and Miami-Dade College, comes the MiamiCoin Web3 Developer Camp: a free, 5-week bootcamp that teaches you how to build smart contracts using Clarity.

The MiamiCoin Web3 Developer Camp begins on May 9, 2022. Register here.

How MiamiCoin Web3 Developer Camp works

While anyone can register for the MiamiCoin Web 3 Developer Camp for free, the experience is optimized for residents of Miami.

  1. Prepare: Once registered, you’ll receive some reading materials to work through before the course launches.
  2. Learn: When the course begins, just show up and learn! You’ll get comprehensive training through a combination of virtual lecture sessions, workshops, AMAs, and office hours, all conducted by expert instructors, and all for free.
  3. Build: Throughout your six weeks you’ll work on actual applications and receive support and guidance from the MiamiCoin Web 3 developer community.

That’s it! Register, read, then show up with an open mind to learning. They’ll handle the rest.

What you’ll work on

With the MiamiCoin Web 3 Developer Camp, you won’t just be learning theory, you’ll gain invaluable hands-on experience by working on real-world CityCoins projects like:

  • Miami Voice: A MiamiCoin app that allows holders to propose and vote on how Miami should spend the funds raised through mining $MIA.
  • CityPacks: An NFT collection of 3D illustrated backpacks. CityPacks proceeds help fund education programs for the Foundation for New Education Initiatives, a direct-support organization for Miami-Dade public schools.
  • Denizen: Smart co-working spaces made accessible via CityCoin tokens, helping the MiamiCoin community organize and collaborate while supporting their local co-working spaces.

Join the MiamiCoin Web3 Developer Camp

CityCoins is a community-led project. The more people building in the ecosystem, the deeper the pool of energy and ideas the wider community can draw from. The more these actions build a thriving ecosystem, the more health, wealth, and happiness we create for citizens around the globe.

Not to mention the good it could do for you. This is a rapidly growing space that’s hungry for new talent and ideas, and it’s happy to reward those with the chops. MiamiCoin has already raised over $20M for the city to put towards efforts like affordable housing and education initiatives. Now we just need to continue building utility so the network can support the city for decades to come.

A little bit of technical knowledge is a large contribution to any crypto project. Who knows what world-changing idea we may unlock by giving someone the toolkit they need to realize their vision?

Want to help build the future of Bitcoin and crypto cities like Miami? Register for the MiamiCoin Web3 Developer Camp today.

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