Miami for Everyone Hackathon Recap

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Last weekend’s Miami for Everyone hackathon saw 200 attendees and 10 submissions for the MiamiCoin/Clarity challenge. Notari won first place and the grand prize of $3,000.

The hackathon was organized and hosted by Venture Miami with a goal to help Miami citizens find job opportunities in the city's growing tech ecosystem.

The event hosted 200 attendees over the weekend, primarily Miami locals who were new to Web3. For many, it was their first hackathon.

The Clarity Bootcamp cohort also saw a strong turnout, with 10 submissions for the MiamiCoin/Clarity challenge.

“What we found was that once people got familiar with the language, they tended to like it. They like that there isn’t recursion.” — Andre Serrano, Community Lead

Developers found that once they learned Clarity’s syntax, they could use it with ease. Overall, the bootcamp let Stacks onboard new Clarity developers, letting many build apps for CityCoins.

But the hackathon wasn’t just for developers: There were many workshops, too. One workshop focused on training people to work in tech sales. Another taught them how to write a better technical resume.

The hackathon drew attendees who were diverse and talented. For example, community Lead Andre Serrano got to meet the organizer of Esquina De Abuela, an incubator for over 150 graffiti artists: “To get to learn about these subcultures of artists that are throughout the city was really interesting.”

The Hackathon Winners

1st place: Notari

Notari is a platform that turns bootcamp certificates into NFTs. The graduate can then send the NFT to whoever requests it. The team behind Notari went through our Miami Dev Bootcamp too - a happy coincidence!

View Notari's submission →

2nd: FlexOOffice

FlexOOffice is an “Airbnb for office space.” It lets tech companies monetize empty desks in their offices by inviting people to co-work. You can then join company workshops and events. People get to co-work and learn, companies get paid in MiamiCoin, and everyone grows their network. There’s a need for this in Miami, so it was great to see the idea come up as a submission.

View FlexOOfice’s submission →

3rd: Earn U

Earn U is a platform where companies would set up curriculums for people to learn skills. If a student learns the skill, they get an interview at the company along with MiamiCoin.

View Earn U's submission ->

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