MiamiCoin Mining is Launching on August 3

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The community is excited to announce that CityCoins is going live on August 3rd with the launch of MiamiCoin $MIA mining!

Since the announcement of CityCoins, the community has been marching towards the official public launch of the project, starting with MiamiCoin. On August 3, 2021 at 1pm EDT, the mining process for CityCoins begins! See the full timeline below:

August 3 at 1pm EDT UTC

  1. The contract for CityCoins is deployed to the Stacks mainnet.
  2. Miners begin sending transactions to the contract, signaling activation.
  3. Once a threshold of 20 addresses is met, a 150 block (~24 hour) countdown period begins.
  4. After block 150, anyone else who was not part of the initial 20 addresses may join to mine $MIA MiamiCoin.

If you are a miner and want to participate in $MIA mining, check out the CityCoins documentation for more information about how to set up your operations. The demo video below walks you through how to mine $MIA starting on August 3.

Reminder: you must have $STX in order to mine CityCoins. Learn where to get STX on the Stacks website.

Reminder: if you are not part of the initial 20 addresses to send an activation transaction on August 3, you will be able to join the network and start mining after block 150 (~24 hours later).

If you are not a miner, what does this mean for you? It means CityCoins is finally here! No $MIA will be distributed prior to mining, and we will keep you updated with any announcements about where and how to acquire $MIA. Sign up to our email list on our site to stay up to date!

What can you do with a CityCoin, including MiamiCoin? The opportunities are endless: communities, organizations, governments, and businesses can leverage CityCoins to incentivize behavior, grow collaboration, and initiate projects.

  • Financial Incentives: Local organizations can provide benefits, services, and discounts to CityCoins holders as part of their efforts to attract and retain fresh talent and capital. This could include discounts to events, rewards for high-performing citizens, grant delegation, community-run public services and improvements, and more.
  • Community Governance: CityCoins can be used as capital voting, enabling holders to vote on proposals, delegate tokens/votes to others, swapping between CityCoins, and voting on regional initiatives.
  • Access Controls: Access and control to certain digital and/or physical spaces can be moderated by CityCoins to encourage more community participation in the maintenance of shared spaces.

Immediately at launch, CityCoins (including $MIA) can be Stacked on the Stacks protocol to earn STX rewards. Those STX rewards can be further Stacked to earn BTC rewards. Learn more about Stacking.

In the meantime, check out these resources to learn more about CityCoins and MiamiCoin:

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