12 Accelerator Projects Building CityCoins utility

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Last week the Stacks Accelerator announced its second cohort of projects, including twelve focused on adding new utility to the CityCoins protocol.

The breadth of applications among these twelve projects—gaming, health, DeFi, conservation, housing, and more—shows just how powerful and flexible the CityCoins protocol is.

Read on to learn more about these projects, their teams, and how you can support and participate.


Zeer, led by co-founders Adam Jones, Eli Feight, and Tanmoy Khanra, supports social justice with blockchain technology. Zeer achieves this by providing a next-gen 911 or “panic button” app integrating a blockchain chain-of-custody method to record and preserve crime scene evidence.

In an emergency, simply open Zeer manually or speak your secret safeword into your device, and Zeer automatically calls 911 and begins live streaming video and location data to your emergency contacts and first responders. All evidence recorded by Zeer is backed up in the cloud with distributed ledger technology.

With help from the Stacks Incubator, Zeer is incorporating CityCoins to reward prosocial behavior via gamification.

The service is available now in beta. Learn more about Zeer here.


Stacks Degens

Stacks Degens, led by Bowtied Sir Jonathan, brings GameFi to CityCoins. Built on Stacks and secured by CityCoins, Stacks Degens builds the foundation of P2E games on Stacks through their racing game, Degen Racer. Players race their Degen NFTs against other token holders to win badges, crypto (like STX or CityCoins), and even custom NFTs.

"We want players to earn through playing, but also take their winnings, stack it, and earn yield that way when they're not competing." Read a recap of the first CityCoins Builders showcase for more on Stacks Degens.

Stacks Degens and Degen Racer are ready to play now. To mint a racer, start racing, and earn rewards, go here.


Efani, led by CEO Haseeb Awan — co-founder of Bitaccess (the world's leading vendor of Bitcoin ATMs) and Y Combinator alum—creates a next generation Wireless Network for mobile devices with a special focus on security. With Efani anyone can host a 5G cell tower and spin up their own carrier on Efani’s CipherZero network.

Why might someone want to run their own cell tower? Cyber attacks against personal phones are common and rising, and because of the difficulty, expense, and time required to get recourse, about 95% go unreported. Efani replaces your monthly cell service bill with a plan centred on increased security for your mobile devices. It does this by encrypting your personal data, protecting against SIM swap attacks via an encrypted SIM card, and including $5M in insurance coverage.

Efani is available now. Learn more here.


Courtesy of Ilana Milkes comes ePioneers, a service that brings Bitcoin-settled carbon offsets on-chain with a carbon-removing marketplace and climate city wallet.

"We are working on enabling entire cities to not just understand the climate impact of their activities but also to harness the power of their citizens and activate actionable measures leveraging web3, data science and regenerative finance."

— Ilana Milkes

ePioneers are still developing their product, but keep your eyes on their blog to read regular updates.


Swapi harnesses the Stacks blockchain to reimagine traditional loyalty programs by launching a new universal token that powers a SaaS-based, plug-and-play loyalty platform. Swapi allows shoppers to earn crypto on everyday transactions and redeem those earnings for exclusive merchant rewards—like, say, CityCoins. This allows shoppers to earn free perks while also helping merchants retain engaged customers.

Swapi is live now, and you can sign up here.

Theopetra DAO

Theopatra is using web3 to make home ownership more affordable. It provides a next-generation real estate ownership and management model via its native token, $THEO. By letting portfolio managers and landlords stake equity from properties, it facilitates effective rent control for tenants to help keep housing affordable.

“If trends continue, we will be past 2008 debt-to-income ratios within 5-7 years in California,” explains founder Mel Anic. “To me, we need to solve this immediately.”

Inspired by the CityCoins model, Theopetra’s uses its yield to ensure that rent only raises by 1%, as opposed to the double-digit averages some cities see. This includes Miami, which recently used $5 million USD from its CityCoins wallet to combat rent increases for vulnerable populations.

Theopatra launches in June 2022. Learn more here.

E8 Internet

E8 Internet, led by CEO Kevin Grace, is building a next generation Internet service and redesigning the ISP experience via blockchain. E8 empowers Bitcoin-native internet of things (IoT) protocols as well as IoT micropayments for the Bitcoin money stack. Community members can use their CityCoins wallet to build hotspots and enable secure, fast, and reliable internet connectivity for their neighbors.

E8 Internet is available now. Visit their site to learn more.

Forever Health

Forever is a physical Play-to-Earn game studio using Web3 tech and game mechanics to create a global health dashboard and incentivize healthy habits. Forever is developing a series of viral games that users will play with friends to become healthier and happier. Users record their heart rate via wearable tech and then participate in Forever’s games via Proof-of-Effort.

Learn more about Forever Health here.


Fifty-six percent of people believe they have a right to access their own personal genomic information without going through a healthcare provider. Working at the intersection of biosecurity and privacy, GenoBank gives them that access while maintaining their privacy.

GenoBank creates a BioNFT platform for collecting and managing medical data and biosamples with a focus on permissioning and privacy compliance. It allows volunteers to provide their medical and biological data to vital medical research without compromising their privacy or security. Their services are open to all CityCoins city’s citizens.

GenoBank is available now. Learn more and, if you’d like to contribute data, sign up here.

Syvita Mining

Syvita, led by @BowTiedMooneeb and @MattySTX, provides the most effective way to mine CityCoins as a team. By pooling your contributions with others, you increase everyone’s chances of winning blocks and earning rewards.

Learn more about Syvita and join a mining pool here, or join their community Discord.


1Huddle, led by CEO Sam Caucci, uses mobile games to reinvent employee onboarding and training—that is, they use games to make workplace training fun. Their B2B model allows organizations to create a new game in minutes that can be played anywhere and run real-time competitions as a more enjoyable and engaging way to educate employees.

1HUddle has earned over 110K players worldwide and 3X year-over-year growth. When we last profiled them, they showcased how 1Huddle can help citizens learn about how CityCoins and municipal government while earning CityCoins via a gamified model

Learn more and start playing here.


StackerDAO is building a DAO launchpad. Their platform develops and provides DAO infrastructure, tools, and services, including smart contracts, UI/UX, and legal and compliance guidelines, to make creating and operating a DAO as easy as possible.

StackerDAO supports CityCoins and STX tokens. As potential DAO integrations are considered by the CityCoins community, StackerDAO has been a constant resource for information and education.

Follow StackerDAO on Twitter for updates.

Attend the next CityCoins Builder Showcase to see more projects building with CityCoins

The next CityCoins Builders Showcase is Thursday, May 12th. Visit the CityCoins events calendar to subscribe to the CityCoins Community events calendar and automatically add the next — and future— Builders Showcase eventsto your calendar.

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