CityCoins Builder Showcase: February 17, 2022

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February 17th's Builder's Call showcased the following CityCoiner projects:

Following the success (and overwhelming demand to attend) of our previous Builder’s Showcase, we expanded our capacity for community members to attend. We also made sure the latest Builder’s Call was recorded—watch it here.

Hosted by Andre Serrano (CityCoins Community Lead), here’s a recap of highlights from featured projects.

In total, Syvita Mining have raised 4 million STX from 10,000+ addresses, and mined 400 million CityCoins
Syvita Mining Pool
“Syvita is how most people start mining CityCoins.” —Andre Serrano

@MattySTX and @BowTiedMooneeb provided an update on Syvita Mining Pool, the most effective way to mine CityCoins as a team. To date, over 400mm CityCoins have been mined by Syvita.

Syvita's simple UI makes mining and stacking accessible to any STX hodler

Syvita is a long-time contributor to the Stacks (STX) and CityCoins ecosystem, with Syvita community members @eparrot and @foragerr recently developing additional tools for mining CityCoins.

  • FATSTX, a tool for tracking your CityCoins holdings across wallets and to help you with things like taxes
  • wenblock, a tool to track variable block times so miners know when relevant things are happening on the STX blockchain
“We imagine a full suite of tools you use to manage your CityCoins.” —@BowTiedMooneeb

Syvita is currently rebranding their project to help them capture the opportunity presented by the CityCoins ecosystem.

“We believe this is a long-term opportunity and long-term market. This could be a 10-20 trillion-dollar market.” —@BowTiedMooneeb
“A key part of engaging a community is a reward and reputation mechanism.” —Drew Falkman

Stacks Entrepreneur-in-Residence and founder Drew Falkman shared Frens, a way to create and grow Web3 communities. Frens is being developed as a reward-and-reputation system for communities and the members who make them matter.

Frens allows CityCoiners to connect their Stacks Wallet to Discord
“I got started with DAOs. I built an app for DAOs in 2017… and that’s when my mind was blown by this whole thing…. These structures offer unlimited possibilities for how we build things.” —Drew Falkman

Drew previously developed Miami Voice, a MiamiCoin-powered proposal and voting app, and one of the first community-created projects developed using MIA.

Frens upcoming features will further help will help identify, recognize and reward valuable community members.
CityCoins Marketplace Plugin
“Create a marketplace where you purchase things with CityCoins.” —James

James of shared a plugin that enables a marketplace for selling and buying items using CityCoins.

The project doesn’t re-imagine user buying habits. Instead, James and his team utilize web2.0 tech to enable Web3 uses, like transacting MIA for goods. In his demo, James showcased how MIA-to-USD conversion are up-to-date throughout the checkout process.

“We’re going to open source this thing so any city can start their own marketplace… If you wanted to launch a marketplace in Philly, New York, whatever—you can quickly adapt it.” —James

Join the next builder’s call

Anyone can attend the next CityCoins Builders Showcase on Thursday, March 3rd. You can register for the event in the CityCoins Discord.

If you have a project you’d like to present, submit it here.

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