CityCoins Builder Showcase: March 17, 2022

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During last week’s CityCoins Builder Showcase:

Hosted by CityCoins Community Lead Andre Serrano, highlights are below.


How can city governments use data to improve their city?

Co-founder and CEO Gregory Johnson showcased the latest from DataGovs, a data governance company currently working with Venture Miami and the City of Miami.

“We help organizations apply data infrastructure.”

Gregory Johnson explains what DataGovs does

DataGovs connects, automates, and monitors data infrastructure. The project is emerging as the data layer between blockchain-based data and CityCoins-based utility.

“Our utility for CityCoins is making it easier for people who hold CItyCoins to access and report on a city’s issues while being rewarded for it. ”

Gregory Johnson explains how DataGovs builds utility for CityCoins

From connecting users to an immutable, transparent record of a city’s issues to incentivizing solutions to them, DataGovs envisions new standards and models emerging.

“This is how we see CityCoins being utilized for a real purpose.”

Gregory Johnson explains the anticipated impact of DataGovs

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Can crypto solve America’s housing crisis?

Mel Anic shared the latest from Theopetra, a web3 real estate lab with a novel approach to fixing the landlord-renter relationship.

“If trends continue, we will be past 2008 debt-to-income ratios within 5-7 years in California. To me, we need to solve this immediately. Otherwise, interesting things will happen.”

Mel Anic explains the problem Theopetra aims to solve

Inspired by CityCoins model, Theopetra’s uses its yield to ensure that rent only raises by 1%, as opposed to the double-digit averages some cities see.

“This could be an income generator for the city while doing social good.”

Mel Anic explains why cities should partner with Theopetra

In addition to potentially offloading the challenge of affordable housing from a civic government, Theopetra promises to bring transparency to community work. Where did the money go? Who were the middlemen involved?

Learn how Theopetra will do this and more by following them on Twitter →

CityCoins Marketplace Plugin

James of provides an update on his team’s progress since previewing their marketplace plugin at last month. Built for WooCommerce, almost all necessary components have been built. Once complete, James promises a live demo during one of April’s builders showcases.

We want you at the next builders showcase

Anyone can attend the next CityCoins Builders Showcase on Thursday, March 31st. Visit the CityCoins events calendar to add the next Builders Showcase to your calendar, or subscribe to keep track of all upcoming CityCoins events.

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