What it means to be a CityCoiner

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CityCoins’ mission is to accelerate civic engagement by making every citizen a global citizen.

New CityCoiners join the community each day. As more people work together to realize CityCoins’ mission, it becomes important that we all understand the values and vision behind that mission.

CityCoins are the future of civic engagement

Right now, CityCoins give communities the power to improve and program their cities.

That means that CityCoins:

Anyone can be a CityCoiner. But to be a part of the community, you need to share the community’s values.

CityCoins Community Values

The CityCoins community was founded on these three core values. Working together to maintain them is how we’ll realize our shared vision for CityCoins.

1) Be positive sum

When it comes to growing wealth, health, or happiness, we believe everyone involved can benefit. Though we don't necessarily believe the majority of ideas are "winners," we act civil and don't attack others for their beliefs, and we never force others in a win-or-lose scenario. Focus on the positive outcomes, and not the negative possibilities outside of our control. We help ourselves by helping others.

2) Act civil

Cities are communal projects, and their advancement requires that people work together. Differences are inevitable, and they can drive progress—as long as they’re handled in a constructive and respectful way. We believe a bias towards action and civility creates a positive-sum relationship for everyone involved.  

Plus, you don’t always know when the mayor of a major city has entered the chat.

3) Think long-term (i.e. HODL)

Talking about price movements is a sign of near-sightedness that identifies you as a speculator—a zero-sum, selfish, and short-term approach that runs counter to our community values. We believe that, if we are methodical in growing our community and impact, we will be successful. The score will take care of itself.

CityCoins are not for everyone

CityCoins are an open-source and permissionless ecosystem for developers to build apps and services for citizens and stakeholders. Anyone, from anywhere, can own CityCoins and build atop the CityCoins protocol. There are no gatekeepers to bypass, and no platform overlords to appease.

But, as with any community, CityCoins is created and shaped by the people who participate. We don't welcome eeyores, naysayers, freeriders, speculators, zero-sum thinkers, armchair activists, axe grinders, energy vampires, mean spirits, patronizers, and victim-minded individuals.

The best measure for whether something is appropriate for the CityCoins community is answering this question in the positive: am I giving, or am I taking away?

Are you adding something to the conversation—or are you trying to take something away from someone else?

The more we work and contribute together, towards the same goal, the better the future will be.

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