What you can build with CityCoins

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CityCoins are programmable. That means developers can make them do almost anything.

But anything can be intimidating, so we’ve consolidated examples of what can be built on CityCoins, and broken down what makes a great CityCoins project.

While we’re going through these ideas, remember that you have the support of the CityCoins community, and programs like Stacks Accelerator’s CityCoins track to help turn your idea into a reality.

What makes a great CityCoins Project?

CityCoins are designed to improve the health, wealth, and happiness of a city’s residents. These three criteria should be your north star when building a project on the CityCoins protocol.

Meeting just one of these criteria is enough to justify any CityCoins project. Checking two? Even better. Three? You may be building the first killer app for Crypto Cities.

The Winners of MiamiCoin Makers Month

CityCoins aren’t just theoretical, there is already an active developer ecosystem building applications for MiamiCoin and NYCCoin.

Let’s start by highlighting some real projects that came from MiamiCoin Makers Month, the first MiamiCoin Hackathon:

  • Miami Voice: The winner of the first MiamiCoin hackathon, Miami Voice by Drew Falkman, lets Miamians vote on ideas for how the magic city should use the proceeds generated by MiamiCoin.
  • Denizen Co-working: Created by Tim Carambat, Denizen is a Web3-enabled “Proof of HODL” access control platform. It lets MiamiCoin holders use their MiamiCoin to access physical and digital co-working spaces. This app category is simple, but incredibly powerful.
  • Miami Pool: From creator Asteria & Syvita Guild comes Miami Pool, a fully automated and trustless system that allows anyone to mine MIA in a collaborative, mutually beneficial way. MiamiCoin holders can use MiamiPool’s smart contracts to automatically mine, claim, and receive their mined MIA.

Mint-with-MIA is another of the most exciting projects to spring from the CityCoins community so far. Created by Jamil.BTC, Mint-with-MIA lets anyone mint new NFT collections using MiamiCoin.

Already being adopted by Miami’s creator and NFT community, notable projects to be minted-with-MIA include CityCoin Collectibles, Miami Beach,  CityPacks, and Miami Vice. In just a few months it has generated over $150,000 for local artists.

Similar applications can be repurposed by other cities. How about building one of these ideas for NYCCoin?

Or, create something new...

The MiamiCoin community has already produced some great ideas that other cities can claim and adapt. But what about ideas that haven’t been realized yet?

Below you’ll find some more concepts that have been spreading around the CityCoins community, but haven’t yet been built:

  • Bitcoin Back: A way for cities to give BTC back to citizens via CityCoins. Cities can stack their Stacks tokens (STX) to generate Bitcoin (BTC) rewards, which they can then distribute to citizens. The more a city’s coin is used––perhaps by artists to mint NFTs, or people using CityCoins to fuel smart contracts––the more value it gains, and the more BTC it can generate back to residents. Sound far-fetched? Miami is already doing something similar.
  • Public health data: Pulling from smart watches, Fitbits, and other health-tracking devices, create an anonymized dashboard of a city’s health data to offer a sky-high overview of a population’s well-being. Incentivize people to prioritize health: compensate residents who share their anonymized data and reward those who improve their exercise, weight, sleep, diet, and other fitness and health behaviors. Stage friendly competitions between cities to see whose residents can improve their health more.
  • Measure Citizen Satisfaction: Enable token holders to vote on specific questions and issues. Use tokens to answer polls like “How happy are you with our city’s police?” or “How clean are our streets?” Let residents highlight specific issues like potholes, clean up, and others with their CityCoins. Perhaps their tokens could even fund the speedy repair of those issues, or merely acts as a treasury to fund a twilio API that sends and receives poll texts to citizens. Don’t send a letter that never makes it to a representative’s desk––use a CityCoin to ensure your voice is heard.

Could you be the one to make these ideas a reality?

Building together

The most exciting part of a collaborative platform like CityCoins are the projects we can’t anticipate— moonshot ideas so novel and innovative that we can’t even picture them yet.

The beauty of open-source is that anyone with an idea can make it happen, no permission needed. What’s even better is that everyone on the network will benefit from that idea.

That doesn’t mean every project needs to be groundbreaking. Developers can start small. Since anyone can build on top of a CityCoins project, developers never need to start from scratch. See room for a new feature in an existing app? Build it. Struck by a way to make a CityCoins project more streamlined or user-friendly? Go for it.

Cities are communal projects. So are CityCoins. An idea that blooms in just one person’s mind can benefit every single person on the network.

Want help building your idea? We got you covered.

The Stacks Accelerator just announced a three-month accelerator track to build on the CityCoins protocol. Starting in February, lucky builders will be supported with training, tools, and mentor-and-investor matching.

The mentorship-driven program offers support from the best builders in web3, including:

  • Balaji Srinivasan, angel investor and former CTO at Coinbase
  • Amanda Cassatt, co-founder of Serotonin and former Consensys CMO
  • Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt and investor at Weekend Fund
  • Sten Tamkivi, founder of Skype
  • Preethi Kasireddy, ex-a16z & Coinbase, currently EIR at Samsung NEXT
  • Jake Brukhman, founder of CoinFund
  • Zavain Dar, partner at Lux Capital
  • Trung Phan, writer and co-host, Not Investment Advice (NIA) podcast
  • Patrick Stanley, CEO of Freehold
  • Muneeb Ali and Ryan Shea, co-founders of Stacks.

Register for the accelerator at https://stacks.ac/citycoins

We can’t wait to see what you create.

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