2021 year-in-review

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As we begin a new year it’s the perfect time to pause and reflect on everything the CityCoins community achieved in 2021:

CityCoins: 2021 Recap

Building on CityCoins

CityCoins may be young, but the community is already busy building on the protocol.

Here are some of our favorite community projects from 2021:

  • Miami Voice: A MiamiCoin app that allows MIA hodlers to propose ideas and vote on how Miami should spend their funds raised by MiamiCoin. Developed by community member Drew Falkman.
  • Denizen: An app that enables coworking spaces to grant access to CityCoin hodlers, starting with Miami. Developed by community member Timothy Carambat.
  • MIA Pool: A fully automated, trustless system that allows anyone to mine MIA in a collaborative, mutually beneficial way
CityCoins NFTs

Thanks to community member Jamil.btc, CityCoins are being used to mint interesting new NFT projects. A few highlights:

  • CityPacks: NFTs with superpowers — CityPacks have a built-in mechanism to fund public school initiatives in the Miami Dade School District.
  • CityCoins Collectibles: NFT collections commemorating some of Miami and NYC’s most prominent landmarks.
  • Miami Beach & Miami Vice: Two other notable Miami-themed NFT collections
  • Memes become movements become markets: 6-of-6 MIA-inspired NFTs from Jack Butcher.
  • Check out STXNFT.com to browse more NFTs built on CityCoins and Stacks
Want to build on CityCoins?

Stacks Accelerator recently announced a mentorship-driven track for teams who want to build apps and services on CityCoins to expand state capacity and build a strong foundation for crypto cities.

Click here to learn more and apply →

Recap: Reading & listening

  • Listen: The Pull Request: Antonio Garcia Martinez interviewed Balaji Srinivasan and Patrick Stanley about MiamiCoin, NYCCoin, and building crypto civilization on CityCoins. A wide-ranging, must-listen conversation for anyone invested in the ecosystem.
  • Watch: MiamiCoin × Art Week: Earlier this month, the community came together in Miami to discuss how NFTs can empower communities and engage residents while improving the quality of life in Miami. Worth watching for anyone interested in building on CityCoins.
  • Read: What it means to be a CityCoiner: Recent community blog post on the mission and values that shape the CityCoins community.
  • Read: Great Protocol Politics: Great article by Parag Khanna & Balaji Srinivasan on why the 21st century belongs to the Internet — not China, the United States, or Silicon Valley.
  • Read: CityCoins, ALEX and Direct Democracy: Defi startup ALEX wrote about how CityCoins is revolutionizing municipal finance, including a detailed comparison with other city fundraising methods like Municipal Bonds.

In case you missed it…

Phew, what a year it was. As we start 2022, we’re excited to see how MIA and NYC continue to grow, and welcome more cities to the community as new cities activate their CityCoins!

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