CityCoins in June, 2022

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In June, we saw:

  • demos from 12 startups building with CityCoins in Stacks Accelerator
  • Miami For Everyone hackathon's CityCoins Challenge,
  • a refinement of the community’s mission,
  • updates on namespaces, and
  • a new NFT project minted with MIA.

Miami for Everyone Hackathon’s CityCoins Winners

Venture Miami's Miami for Everyone Hackathon was an inclusive three-day event aimed not just at web3 developers, but also focused on giving everyday citizens of Miami completely new to technology a way to learn and get connected to Miami’s tech ecosystem. The event was a success, hosting 200+ attendees. There were also free workshops, one of which was a Clarity Workshop.

Community Lead Andre Serrano presents to Miami for Everyone attendees

10 projects were submitted for the Clarity/MiamiCoin challenge.

Notari won first place and $3,000 with an app that turns credentials into NFTs to help employees verify meaningful skills.

FlexOOffice won second place and $1,500 by creating an “AirBnB for empty office space” you can pay for with CityCoins.

EarnU won third place and $500 with an app that lets students learn skills that companies want to teach them.

You can also read a full recap of the hackathon →

CityCoins Accelerator Demo Day Pitches

In June, the 12 Accelerator projects building with CityCoins pitched investors for Stacks Ventures Demo Days.

One unforgettable pitch was from Adam Jones, CEO of Zeer: a public safety app. After suffering and recovering from a violent assault, Adam founded Zeer to help keep citizens safe in their city. How does it work? When you say your safe word, your smartphone’s mic picks it up, and  Zeer activates. It broadcasts your video, audio, and location to first responders and select contacts, and saves this information to the blockchain to create immutable evidence of the event.

We’re profiling the Accelerator teams' projects in the weekly newsletter, and in deep-dive threads on Twitter (click for more on Zeer, Element8 and ePioneers). Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter and follow CityCoins on Twitter to stay up-to-date.

You can watch also all of the pitches from day 1 and day 2 on YouTube.

CityCoins Namespaces

The Ryder team updated the community at the start of the month on their progress. Everyone knows about .eth and .btc addresses. Ryder’s team is building .MIA, .NYC, and .CITYCOINS. They might be available as early as the end of July.

Aside from showing your support for a city and being used to vote, city-specific domain names could be used one day as part of a citizen's online identity to access city apps and services.

Stackers City NFTs are the latest to mint with CityCoins

Part of the Cops and Robbers DeFi game built on Stacks by vaguearts.btc, the Stackers City collection is made up of 3,000 hand drawn, uniquely generated PFPs which can be minted with MiamiCoin. Owners will be able to stake their NFT to earn $STC tokens, which also provide features in-game.

Visit their website or Discord to learn more.

CityCoins Community Mission

Over the last two months, Community Lead Derek Pym has lead a working group focused on articulating the community's vision of CityCoins' mission. Through ongoing discussions, resources, and polls, the team aligned on a refined mission statement: “CityCoins empower anyone to take ownership in their city.”

Want to get involved in CityCoins?

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