CityCoins in March, 2022

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Last month, upgrades to the CityCoins protocol were proposed, builders learned how to use CityCoins API, and CityCoiner projects received major updates.

Protocol Upgrades

Last month, two tracks to improve CityCoins protocol emerged:

  1. In the short-term, CityCoins Core Developer Jason Schrader proposed upgrades to 1) establish an on-chain voting process, and 2) compress the protocol emissions schedule.
  2. Thinking bigger, CityCoins Community Lead Patrick Stanley shared a vision for CityCoins 2.0, proposing 1) DAOs for cities and 2) decentralizing city activations.

Community members are encouraged to review the proposals and share their feedback as comments or in the respective Discord channel.

Vote on compressing the emission schedule

The community vote to compress the protocol’s emissions schedule is currently live. The vote began at block 55,150 (approximately 4am PT / 7am ET on April 6th) and will run for 2,100 blocks (ending block 57,249).

All CityCoiners are encouraged to vote on the proposal.

  1. Sign in with your Hiro wallet at
  2. If the vote is active, the option to cast a 'Yes' or 'No' vote will be presented
  3. Send the transaction and pay the STX fee to cast your vote

When voting, remember:

  • Votes are tallied based on the amount of stacked CityCoins (outlined in CCIP-011)
  • Voters cannot withdraw their vote, but they can change their vote during the active voting period
  • Vote information is stored and retrievable from the contract

Community Updates

Hosted by Community Lead by Andre Serrano and Core Developer Jason Schrader, the CityCoins community hosted two Builders Showcase events in March.

On Thursday, March 3rd, builders were introduced to CityCoins API before previewing updates from CityCoiner projects.

On Thursday, March 17th, CityCoiners were introduced to two new projects prior and an update on a marketplace plugin for buying and selling items using MIA.

Anyone can attend the next CityCoins Builders Showcase on Thursday, April 14th. Visit the CityCoins events calendar to add the next Builders Showcase to your calendar, or subscribe to keep track of all upcoming CityCoins events. If you have a project you’d like to present, submit it here.

The CityCoins signal

What can CityCoins do for education?  CityPacks, 1Huddle, and AltMomTrades discussed on a CityCoiner-hosted Twitter Spaces.

What form could CityCoins DAOs take? Community Leads Patrick and Andre joined The CityCoiner on Twitter Spaces to discuss potential DAO frameworks.

Can Bitcoin liberate people? Miami Mayor Francis Suarez addresses the question.

Who should be in a CityCoins DAO? Listen to the answer via a recent discussion hosted by CityCoiner.

Why I trust the CityCoins community. CityCoins Community Lead Patrick Stanley explains the value of a community-driven process.

If 2021 was the year crypto went mainstream, 2022 is the year of utility according to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.

Austin continues to position itself as a home for emerging technology as Austin Mayor Adler promotes resolutions out of SXSW.

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