Miami receives $5MM via MiamiCoin as City hires to operationalize MIA

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At the beginning of February, MiamiCoin (MIA) reached a major milestone with the first-ever disbursement of its CityCoins funds. The historic moment was compounded when Venture Miami announced they’re hiring multiple roles to operationalize MIA.

MAJOR MILESTONE: $5-million via MiamiCoin to support Miami residents

On February 2nd, 2022, the City of Miami received $5 million via MiamiCoin.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez proposed using the funds for the city’s Rental Assistance Program, reducing the cost of rent for vulnerable citizens during a period of increased housing demand and 7.5+% USD inflation.

HIRING: Miami is investing in MiamiCoin's open-source ecosystem

Erick Gavin, Executive Director for Venture Miami, announced three roles to operationalize Miami’s token, MIA.

With Miami’s leading as the world’s first true crypto city, these roles can potentially shape the connection between civic governance and crypto for generations to come. And the possibilities for what MIA can do in a year or two are equally exciting.

Apply for the open roles here ->

MIA is making history

As the first CityCoins city, Miami’s MIA showcases what CityCoins can do for a city as they become fully realized.

  1. CityCoins connect communities. When the City of Miami decided to activate MIA in the latter half of 2021, the city connected with its supporters and the value they can create when they’re brought together.
  2. CityCoins provide funding to cities. Tens of millions of value was accrued by MIA in the months prior to its $5MM disbursement. These funds can be freely used to benefit a city and its residents.
  3. CityCoins create an open-source ecosystem. As communities connect and support their cities, real value is created, incentivizing further utility. Within six months of activation, MIA now supports all sorts of new functionality.

Between community builders, the CityCoins track in the Stacks Accelerator, and Venture Miami hiring to add more utility to MIA, the latest chapter of CityCoins story in Miami is still being written—but our glimpse of the the future is exciting.

Stay up to date on the latest CityCoins milestones by joining the CityCoins Community Discord ->

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