CityCoins in April, 2022

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Last month, the community voted to compress the CityCoins  protocol emission, Stacks Ventures revealed 12+ CityCoins projects, and MiamiCoin Web3 dev announced a second cohort.

Protocol Upgrades

The community agreed via on-chain vote to implement a proposed upgrade to compress the CityCoins protocol emissions schedule, plus implement some minor features and optimized code. These changes went live on Thursday, May 5th.

These updates require those holding CityCoins in a non-custodial wallet to upgrade their tokens to maintain compatibility with the protocol. Learn how to upgrade your tokens in this post.

More teams than ever are building with CityCoins

More teams are building on CityCoins than ever. Stacks Ventures announced its second cohort of projects, twelve of which are building new utility and applications for CityCoins.

A few of the Stacks Accelerator cohort startups building with CityCoins

​Among them are projects featured in previous Builders Showcases calls, including StacksDegens, an NFT play-to-earn racing game; Theopatra, supporting affordable home ownership by creating a next-generation real estate ownership and management model via blockchain; and StackerDAO, a launchpad and toolkit making it simple for anyone to launch and maintain their own DAO.

The Accelerator also features new teams and projects, like Zeer, creating a next-gen 911 or “panic button” app powered by blockchain, Swapi, which re-invents customer loyalty programs via Web3, and E8 Internet, which empowers community members to use their CityCoins wallet to build hotspots and enable secure, fast, and reliable internet connectivity for their neighbors.

A recent CityCoins Builders Showcase, on April 14, also introduced:

Visit the CityCoins events calendar to add the next Builders Showcase to your calendar, or subscribe to keep track of all upcoming CityCoins events. If you have a project you’d like to present, submit it here.

MiamiCoin Web3 Developer Camp will teach Miami's how to build with Clarity smart contracts

​MiamiCoin Web3 Developer camp

Last month saw the announcement of the first MiamiCoin Web3 Developer Camp, a joint venture between between CityCoins, the Stacks Foundation, Venture Miami, and Miami-Dade College. The Camp is a free, five-week training in Clarity, the programming language powering CityCoins.

The response to this first iteration was huge. Cohort one, which will begin May 9th, is focusing on serving Miami residents. Stay tuned for news on cohort two.

Erick shared his thoughts on Miami’s burgeoning reputation as the center of Web3 and blockchain

Chatting with Venture Miami’s Erick Gavin

Last month CityCoins chatted with Erick Gavin, Executive Director of Venture Miami, an organization working to make Miami the “capital of capital” by promoting a diverse, world-class, and thriving Web3 ecosystem in the city.

Under Erick’s leadership, Venture Miami focuses on connecting Miami’s deep talent pool with the opportunities emerging in the space.

“Education is the number one thing we should be focusing on as an industry to get more people interested and involved. Education provides a hook. Not rote education, sitting in a classroom, but the active education that involves engaging people with ‘let me show you.’”

— Erick Gavin

CityCoins 2.0

Last month CityCoins Community Lead Patrick Stanley shared a vision for CityCoins 2.0, a way to accelerate the protocol’s growth by 1) creating DAOs for cities and 2) decentralizing city activations. After the talk, Patrick sat down with the author of Bitcoin and Black America, Isaiah Jackson, to talk more about the future of CityCoins. You can watch that Q&A here.

​Since then, momentum has grown around CityCoin 2.0’s ideas to use CityCoins as a governance token.

Patrick lays out the full picture of CityCoins 2.0 in this post, which he presented on stage in Miami for Bitcoin Unleashed—you can view his talk below. (For a condensed version, check out this 40-second explainer from Smart Nonsense on decentralized activations.)

The CityCoins Signal

Can CityCoins create a new model for governments to do things differently? Miami Mayor Francis Suarez thinks so:

How do CityCoins help governments? Mayor Suarez explains the new possibilities that CityCoins enable for cities.

Want to contribute to CityCoins? The CityCoins community has organized new working groups, encouraging everyone to join and contribute their talent and ideas to improving the protocol. Join the CityCoins Discord to participate.

CityCoins Community Working Groups

Want to join the CityCoiner? The CityCoiner, a community-run news outlet dedicated to all things CityCoins, is looking for new team members to help produce content.

How can cities help citizens afford homes? Listen to the first episode of the CityCoiner Podcast in your favorite podcast player to find out, or subscribe and watch on YouTube.

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