CityCoins in February, 2022

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Last month featured new roles, products, and Accelerator projects. This month:

  1. Miami receives $5mm+ via MiamiCoin (MIA)
  2. Venture Miami hiring to operationalize MIA
  3. 100+ builders share new CityCoins tools, plugins, and projects

CityCoiners preview new and upcoming projects via the community's bi-weekly Builder's Showcase. The first call this month featured ‍‍BlockMo, Stacks Degens, Dework‍ and 1Huddle. The latest featured Frens, a CityCoins Marketplace Plugin via, and new tools from Syvita Mining Pool.

Ecosystem News

The CityCoins community visualizes the CityCoins ecosystem; Miami accepts $5mm disbursement via MIA; Venture Miami continues hiring to operationalize MIA.

Community Updates

Hosted by Community Lead by Andre Serrano and Core Developer Jason Schrader, the CityCoins community hosted two Builders Showcases this month.

On Thursday, February 4th, 100+ builders previewed new and upcoming CityCoins projects.

  • Fernando Narbona shared BlockMo, an app empowering people to earn CityCoins while participating in community events and activities
  • @BowtiedFellow shared Stacks Degens, the first play-to-earn racing game in the Stacks/CityCoins ecosystem
  • Lonis Hamaili shared Dework, a Web3-native Trello-style product manager with token payments, credentialing, bounties and more.
  • Roger Bernardino shared 1Huddle, a gamified approach to educating communities on CityCoins by enabling them to earn crypto rewards while they learn.
New and upcoming projects building with CityCoins

On Thursday, February 17th, the community previewed new tools for mining CityCoins, growing web3 communities, and a plug-and-pay marketplace for CityCoins cities

  • @MattySTX and @BowTiedMooneeb shared updates from the Syvita Mining Pool, the most effective way to mine CityCoins as a team. This included FATSTX, a tool for tracking your CityCoins holdings across wallets and to help you with things like taxes, and wenblock, a tool to track variable block times so miners know when relevant things are happening on the STX blockchain
  • Drew Falkman shared Frens, a way to create and grow Web3 communities.
  • James of previewed a plugin that enables a marketplace for selling and buying items using CityCoins.

Anyone can attend the next CityCoins Builders Showcase on Thursday, March 3rd. You can register for the event in the CityCoins Discord.

If you have a project you’d like to present, submit it here →

The CityCoins signal

How does crypto empower people, democratize investment, and create wealth? Miami Mayor Francis Suarez gives his answer.

Stacks CityCoins Accelerator has begun! Teams in the 3-month, mentorship-driven program kicked off theirproduct development camp this week. Stay tuned for more updates on what these teams are building.

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