CityCoins in May, 2022

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Last month, the CityCoins protocol was upgraded (update your CityCoins!), MiamiCoins Dev Camp kicks off, and CityCoiners work together to define our uniting mission.

Protocol Upgrades

On Thursday, May 5th, the CityCoins Protocol upgrade was implemented after block 58,905.

If you hold MIA or NYC, they need to be upgraded to maintain compatibility with the protocol. It takes 2 minutes, 3 steps, and your CityCoins balance will not change:

  1. Visit
  2. Connect wallet
  3. Click ‘confirm’ at the bottom of the ‘convert-to-v2’ modal

Any questions? UI updates & new features

CityCoins core developers launched version 2.0 of the CityCoins API, alongside updates to the project's, bringing an updated user interface and new features:

  • Log in with Hiro wallet or Xverse (yup, that's mobile support!)
  • General profile info including v1/v2 balances
  • Dashboard with mining/stacking info
  • Mining claims for any valid block height (will pick correct contract)
  • Stacking claims that search v1 + v2 for claims
  • Note: The dashboard shows some empty cycles (V2 data only so far)

Next up: CityCoin V1 → V2 upgrade functionality.

Community Updates

Throughout May, Community Lead Derek Pym aligned the community around the CityCoins mission. Through ongoing discussions, resources, and polls, Derek and team aim to finalize the community mission by mid-June.

In May, Community Leads Andre Serrano and Patrick Stanley led a Builders All-hands to discuss CityCoins:

  • DAO
  • CityApps
  • NFTs
  • CityCoins namespaces (e.g. ‘suarez.mia’)
  • CityCash (a CityCoins stablecoin)
  • Accelerator (12+ teams building apps with CityCoins)
  • Miami Web3 Dev bootcamp (100+ participants)
  • Upcoming hackathons

Highlights include…

  1. A CityCoins namespace “…could be like your web3 area code.” Andre
  2. In May, a community team published a working proposal for CityCash, a stable unit of currency for the CityCoins ecosystem
  3. "What this all leads up to is something that looks like pro-freedom, pro-property rights, pro-human network state." Patrick describing the vision for CityCoins

You can read a summary of the all-hands here →

Ecosystem Updates

Joining a dozen or so other CityCoiners, Jake BlockChain (host of the Built on Bitcoin podcast) is joining Stacks Ventures while continuing to build out CityCoiner and his podcast.

Meanwhile, the first cohort of MiamiCoin Web3 Developer Camp kicked off in May.

Finally, we previewed the 12 Accelerator projects building CityCoins utility.

The CityCoins signal

How do enable decentralization? Take a progressive approach like NYC Mayor Eric Adams, who calls for an end to the BitLicense scheme.

How do enact a smooth, peaceful transition to decentralization? Successful projects build on what came before.

Is Bitcoin ‘the one chain to rule them all’? CityCoins is a featured project that’s built on Bitcoin through Stacks.

How do you define CityCoins?

What if CityCoins were keys to the city?

The potential ingredients for a CityCoins DAO are 1) provable commitment, 2) a definite purpose, and 3) checks and balances.

CityCoiners are creating a quantum leap in utility with city apps, city cash, and city DAOs.

Want to get involved in CityCoins?

Join the CityCoins Community Discord →

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